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 Kerch Strait crisis: closed hearing to extend arrest of Ukraine sailors started in Moscow. VIDEO

The Moscow Lefortovo Court behind the closed doors started considering motions for extension of the arrest of Ukrainian sailors detained in the Kerch Strait area on November 25, 2018.

As reported by Censor.NET citing Intefax-Ukraine, three judges are considering four applications each. The hearing was ordered closed by the Russian FSB.

Ukrainian sailors are already at the courthouse.

Ukrainian Commissioner for human rights Liudmyla Denisova arrived at the court together with the seamen’s relatives.

24 Ukrainian sailors, including two SBU officers are charged with an "illegal border crossing by an organized group of people with the use of violence or with a threat of using it" (p. 3, art. 322 of Russia's Criminal Code).

The captured Ukrainian sailors include captain of Yany Kapu tugboat Oleh Melnychuk, captain of Nikopol armored missile boat Bohdan Nebelytsia, captain of Berdiansk armored missile boat Roman Mokriak, captain Volodymyr Lisovyi; SBU officers Andrii Drach and Vasyl Soroka; crew members Denys Hrytsenko, Yurii Bez’iazychnyi, Viacheslav Zinchenko, Yevhenii Semydotskyi, Andrii Shevchenko, Andrii Oprysko, Serhii Tsybizov, Yurii Budzylo, Volodymyr Tereshchenko, Viktor Bezopalchenko, Volodymyr Varymez, Mykhailo Vlasiuk, Bohdan Holovash, Serhii Chulyb, Vladyslav Kostyshyn, Serhii Popov, Andrii Artemenko and Andrii Eider.

November 25, Russian border vessels committed aggressive actions against three Ukrainian ships that set sail from the port of Odesa to the port of Mariupol in the Azov Sea. After that, Russian special forces opened fire on the Ukrainian tugboat Yany Kapu, small armored artillery boats Berdiansk and Nikopol in the Kerch Strait and seized them. There were 23 sailors on board the ships, and six of them were wounded.

Russia announced its intention to try detained Ukrainian sailors for allegedly illegal crossing of the Russian state border.

November 26, the UN Security Council held an emergency meeting on the situation in Ukraine related to the latest developments in the Black and Azov Seas.

Later on the same day, Ukraine's parliament gave the green light to a presidential decree on the introduction of martial law for 30 days in 10 regions of Ukraine – Vinnytsia region, Luhansk region, Mykolaiv region, Odesa region, Sumy region, Kharkiv region, Chernihiv region, Kherson region, Donetsk region and Zaporizhia region, as well as the inland waters of the Azov-Kerch water area.

November 28, the Russian district court of Simferopol city in occupied Crimea arrested 24 Ukrainian sailors, who had been captured by Russian FSB near the Kerch Strait, for two months. They all face six years in prison.

November 30, the sailors were transferred to Moscow: 21 Ukrainians were brought to Moscow Lefortovo Prison, the three wounded to Matrosskaya Tishyna.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n3106448