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 "Peaceful Life Turned into Apocalypse": Birds Eye Panorama of Donetsk Airport. PHOTOS

The Ukrainian volunteer project Aerorozvidka (Aerial reconnaissance) published recent photos of Donetsk airport made by the unmanned aerial vehicles.

The pictures show the remains of the airliners destroyed by shelling and the ruins of airport buildings, Censor.NET reports.

"Aerorozvidka became very popular in the ATO area, so the 'customs officers' from the Donetsk airport treated them to a coffee in 'Duty Free' of the 'Cyborgcenter'. We have freely passed 'customs and passport control' accompanied by our friends on APC from the Armed Forces' 93rd Brigade.

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"No ants at sight, permission to take-off granted," the robot-like voice of dispatcher Mike sanctioned our drone's take off.

"The temperature outside is 10 degrees above zero. The artillery battalion welcomes you aboard and provides cover. Fasten your seat belts, please. We wish you a good flight," voice of the chief of artillery sounded on the air.

The view, which lay down before our sight, was more startling than we could imagine being on the ground...

Peaceful life turned into an apocalypse. The dyad of Jedi (the artillery detachment that covers 'cyborgs' - the airport defenders - Ed.) and Cyborgs became so powerful that the enemy will long remember this day, licking wounds on its ass! "- the activists told with irony about their trip to the Donetsk airport.

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As known, the Ukrainian military have successfully retained the Donetsk airport subjected to constant attack and shelling by the terrorists and the Russian military for many months.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/p310641