Terrorists Shelled Several Towns and Villages in Luhansk Region Killing 28-Year-Old Woman - Moskal

The LPR terrorists regularly committed shelling of the towns and villages on the territory controlled by Ukraine using different types of weapons on Wednesday, Nov. 5.

Luhansk Regional State Administration Chairman Hennadii Moskal's press service states, Censor.NET reports.

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"Two mortar shells hit the farm partially destroying it in the town of Zolote in the Popasna district," Moskal says. "The militants' artillery tried to destroy the pontoon bridge over Siverskyi Donets River in the nearby Nyzhnie village. The projectiles exploded right next to the houses. Fortunately, there was no damage or casualties as a result. Another mortar shelling of the village of Krymske in the Novoaidar district took place. It inflicted no significant damage or casualties," the Luhansk region governor said.

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Meanwhile, there are victims in Triohizbenka village in the same district. A 27-year-old local resident found the unexploded mortar shell in his garden after another terrorists' shelling from the direction of Krasnyi Lyman village. He decided to get rid of it by his own taking it away from his home. The shell detonated killing his 28-year-old wife on the spot. The man was taken to a hospital with severe injuries.

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