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 Akhmetov Wants to Steal Victory in the 60th Electoral Ward Applying Bribery and Pressure - Firsov


Candidate to the Verkhovna Rada from the Opposition bloc Oleksander Ryzhenkov, who lost the elections to Dmytro Lubinets from Poroshenko block at electoral precinct #60 in the Donetsk region, tries to achieve recognition of his win using bribery and pressure on Metinvest employees.

Head of UDAR Party in the Donetsk region Yehor Firsov writes in his blog on Ukrainska Pravda, Censor.NET reports.

"Something incredible happened at the last election: patriot Dmytro Lubinets won in the Donetsk region (60th election division). He gave a drubbing to the current MP, the Party of Regions member, and the opposition bloc protege Oleksander Ryzhenkov," he writes.

According to Firsov, Lubinets' victory is a hard fact but the Party of Regions is trying to "muddy the waters" organizing the collection of signatures to cancel the election results.

"The employees of holding company Metinvest, owned by Rinat Akhmetov, conduct public hearings in four districts of the Donetsk region saying that the victory in the precinct was stolen. The support of candidate Ryzhenkov must be expressed to challenge the results," Firsov writes.

"People usually give such petitioners a brush off, but Ryzhenkov decided to have a fit of generosity. Everyone who signs the petition for his support is granted UAH 300," he says.

Firsov states that Ryzhenkov "wants to buy more votes than he won on election day and then seek to cancel the election results for separate precincts or across the entire county, resting on these lists."

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The member of UDAR party posted videos with one of Rinat Akhmetov's Metinvest employee. One can see on the 37th second of the footage that the member of Party of Regions has spent UAH 136,000 only in one city for the purchase of signatures and related expenses," Firsov notes.

According to him, at least half a million hryvnia were spent for all these rigging of election.

Firsov explained that these materials were provided by the soldiers of one of the battalions who "detained the criminals" - Akhmetov employees, travelling with the voter lists through the Donetsk region in the so-called DPR election day.

"It's some sort of post election results falsification ... Thus, the pro-Kremlin bloc and Ryzhenkov are manipulating public opinion, trying to convince the CEC that the elections were held with numerous violations and will seek the abolition of the election results in the election district #60," Firsov writes.

According to the central election committee information total of 7 deputies were elected in the Donetsk region. All but one from the 60th precinct, are representatives of the previous rule - the Party of Regions. Serhii Kliuiev, Euhen Heller, Yukhym Zviahilskyi, Maksym Yefimov, and Oleh Nedava to enter the Parliament in particular.

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