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 4 Billion Cubic Meters At $385 for Four Months - Details of "Winter Gas Agreement" Between Ukraine, EU, and Russia

газ газпром евросоюз

Russia, Ukraine, and Eurocommission have signed the documents for renewal of Russian gas supply to Ukraine and providing continuous gas transit to Europe in winter.

This was announced by Europeiska Pravda, Censor.NET reports.

In particular, Russia, Ukraine, and Eurocommission signed legally binding tripartite protocol fixing agreements on supply of Russian gas to Ukraine during winter season 2014-2015.

The document was signed by ministers of Energy of Russia and Ukraine Alexandr Novak and Yurii Prodan, and vice president of Eurocommission for energy Günther Oettinger.

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Besides, Gazprom and Naftogaz of Ukraine have signed appendices to the contract fixing the conditions of Russian gas supply for the period until end of March.

The document was signed by Naftogaz president Andrii Kobolev and his Gazprom counterpart Alexei Miller.

"The parties oblige to completely abide by terms of the reached agreement. Nobody wins if the gas is not supplied properly. Interests of the parties need to be respected," the Eurocommission president Jose Manuel Barroso said at a press conference summarizing the tripartite gas talks.

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As put by Energy commissioner Gunther Oettinger, Ukraine is ready to immediately settle $1.4 billion of the debt, and $1.65 to be paid by the end of the year.

According to Oettinger, Ukraine will be able to receive Russian gas at $385 or less per 1,000 cubic meters by the end of March.

"Ukraine will receive assistance from the EU and IMF this year. The EU and IMF are also considering new program of assistance to Ukraine for the 2015. This will allow it to pay all its gas bills," Oettinger said.

Ukraine's Energy minister Yurii Prodan said that the Eurocommission's signature under the "gas package" would be a guarantee of its fulfillment. He assured that the final solution of the gas issue would be made in Stockholm arbitrage.

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