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 High Command Misinformed Public About Situation on 32nd Checkpoint - Butusov

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If the military command was aware and honestly admitted the situation at the 32nd checkpoint to itself, it would be possible to avoid casualties among the military personnel. Yet again an inadequate assessment of the situation by the command leads to casualties and forces people to risk their lives and show heroism.

This was stated by Censor.NET editor-in-chief Yurii Butusov at a briefing in the Ukraine Crisis Media Center, Censor.NET reports.

In his opinion, this is perhaps the most critical thing that happened to the 32nd checkpoint. "Because if the Commander-in-Chief makes inadequate statements it means that he does not control the situation. If he does not control the situation on the 32nd checkpoint, how adequately can he control the situation on the frontline?" Butusov said.

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"The information that the supplies were delivered, the information that there was no encirclement, that the soldiers are calling from Donetsk and not from the 32nd checkpoint ... I do not understand why and based on what did the Commander-in-Chief make these absurd statements," he stressed. According to the journalist, it is such statements which directly contradict the actual facts that demoralized the personnel, and not the pressure of the surrounding enemy or hardships they experienced.

"If the military commanders were initially aware and at least honestly admitted the situation to themselves, this problem would not have arisen. Confrontations and aggravation of the situation at the 32nd checkpoint started as early as Sep. 5. Since then, serious clashes htook place worsening after rotation on Oct. 4. That is, instead of strengthening the troops in the area, our command just conducted a rotation at the checkpoint," Butusov said.

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He also reminded that a month ago the Commander-in-Chief himself stated that it was time to move away from checkpoint tactics.

"The checkpoint strategy does not allow for winning the war, but this is just a classic case. From a military point of view, in the entrapment as well as superiority of the enemy forces in armored vehicles and artillery, the guys didn't have a slightest reason to stay there. The fact that they held on - praise and honor!" Butusov summed up.

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