EU slams Russia over sanctions imposed against Ukraine

The European Union harshly criticized the Russian authorities for the sanctions they imposed against Ukrainian individuals and entities.

"The decision of the Russian Government to introduce economic measures against Ukrainian individuals and companies is groundless. It is necessary to avoid steps aimed at aggravating the situation and undermining the search for a solution to restore the territorial integrity of Ukraine," a representative of the European Union told Ukrinform correspondent on Friday, Censor.NET reports.

On Nov. 1, Russia imposed "special economic measures" against 322 Ukrainian nationals and 68 Ukraine-based companies.

On Oct. 22, President Vladimir Putin of Russia signed a decree imposing sanctions against Ukraine. The document will be revoked if "Ukraine abandons sanctions against Russian companies and citizens."

Ukraine’s sanctions lists include about 1,700 individuals and about 700 legal entities, mostly from Russia.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n3094823