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 Poroshenko believes it was Semochko’s enemies who fed journalists information on him in order to target president. Silence tactics was picked to kill the story, - Butusov

Ukraine’s Foreign Intelligence Service First Deputy Chairman, Serhii Semochko was tasked to find a way how to explain three houses in Kozyn his family purchased during the war and Russian citizenship of his family members.

"Helplessness in the Semochko case. Three days ago, Nashi Hroshi project released a story about assets of First Deputy Chairman of the Foreign Intelligence Service, Serhii Semochko and his ties with the Russian Federation. It was found that his family members possess Russian passports; three houses in Kozyn village were acquired by his family during the war. Zero comments have been made [on this matter]. The president who appointed him to his post and promoted to the rank of general is tight-lipped. The Foreign Intelligence Service, which senior officer got burned having ties with the Russian Federation, also keeps silence," Censor.NET Chief Editor Yurii Butusov wrote on social media.

"What have we found out over these three days of silence? 1. The story tells the truth while Semochko’s family members cannot provide any reasonable explanation to their riches and time spent in the Russian Federation. At the same time, the members of Semochko’s family are well aware of how bad and immoral their situation is but still give no comments or explanations. 2. President Poroshenko, despite the circumstances, is in no hurry to fire Semochko, which means that the released information on Semochko was, in general, no secret [to him]. Thus, the president signals that his subordinates have the right to such a lifestyle while the disclosed information [about Semochko] has no consequences for his further career. Every member of the Foreign Intelligence Service knows that its first deputy has ties with the Russian Federation and he nevertheless continues to occupy his post. The authorities show their helplessness in tackling this crisis. Despite Semochko’s loyalty and good relations with him, the president must demonstrate his position of principle," the journalist stressed.

"3. Silence tactics was picked to kill the story. Semochko was tasked to figure out how to explain all this. The president believes that it was Semochko’s enemies who fed journalists information on him while that was a deliberate attempt to target him (the president – Ed.) personally. But the president is not going to publicly stand up for this completely despicable situation. The situation was simply suspended in the air in Petro Oleksiovych [Poroshenko] style in order to see the reaction of the society. 4. The only factor that could break the impasse in the scandal and shake up the authorities is the NABU (National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine – Ed.). The criminal proceedings have been undertaken while the extent of the detectives’ effort will determine whether we will hear at least some response of the authorities on this matter," Butusov summed up.

In early September 2018, the NABU opened criminal proceedings against Semochko after journalists found out that his family members own luxury real estate worth $8 million, expensive cars, and often fly helicopters. Moreover, eight relatives of the official have Russian citizenship. According to media reports, more than 200 people died because Semochko, while heading the Economic Counterintelligence Directorate of the Security Service of Ukraine, intervened in the supply chain of the dialysis chemicals which caused their shortfall.

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