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 Checkpoint 32 near Smile Village Has Been Cut Off Water Supply for 50 Hours. Blockade Continues

Soldiers at the checkpoint 32 near Smile village have spent more than 50 hours without water; the blocade continues.

Censor.NET reports about it citing the Facebook page of the journalist Andriy Tsaplienko.

"50 hours without water. Checkpoint 32 in the vicinity of the village of Smile. Despite the reports, the blocade continues. The road between checkpoints 31 and 32 is covered with destoryed vehicles. The separatists piled them so that our convoy could not get to our positions through Popasna-Luhansk highway. Checkpoint 32 is completely surrounded. There are 50 fighters there. Actually, there were 50. Now, about 15 of them are killed, and their bodies are lying around Ukrainian positions with nobody to take them away" Tsaplienko writes.

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He also said that the OSCE representatives "hastily retreated when they realized that it was getting hot at the scene". The NSDC speaker Andrii Lysenko said that the situation at сheckpoint 32 near Smile village is under control. "The checkpoint is not shelled at the moment. The troops have enough weapons and ammunition to repel a possible attack. If necessary, The Armed Forces of Ukraine are ready to provide reinforcement. Mobile armored group are formed for that," Lysenko said.

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