Khoroshkovsky tries to buy Sberbank of Russia through Belarusian Paritetbank: details of the upcoming deal

Valery Khoroshkovsky, who formerly was the head of the Security Service of Ukraine during Viktor Yanukovych’s presidency, does not abandon his attempts to acquire Sberbank of Russia and there is a chance that for this business transaction third parties have been involved.

This information was brought up to the publicity by the Russian version of the Kommersant newspaper, with the reference to the Sberbank.leaks community in Facebook.

It is reported, the businessman might be interested in hiding his interest of buying a bank due to American sanctions against Sberbank, following the fact that Khoroshkovsky has spent a lot of time proving the origin of money to the European authorities and does not want to risk, therefore he could have attracted Belarusian Paritetbank as the interested buyer for this type of a deal. It is already the second inquiry of Paritetbank for acquiring Sberbank of Russia in Ukraine. Earlier the bank has received a refusal because of "inconsistency with the legislation of Ukraine".

However, it is argued that the main problem of the sale of the Ukrainian Sberbank’ is not the problems of buyers, but the issues with anti-Russian sanctions, since the sale of the bank will immediately lead to more sanctions from the US and the EU, also government agencies might support their decisions, including the National Bank of Ukraine and the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine.

According to the journalist Alexander Dubinsky, the National Bank of Ukraine contributes to the withdrawal of the Ukrainian subsidiary of the Sberbank from sanctions, through the cancellation of bank shares that issued after the imposition of sanctions in the first place, using forgery of official documents.

Furthermore, it is being said, that Valery Khoroshkovsky has partially introduced to the bank his own new management.

By those actions, two of the top managers of Khoroshkovsky, Yaroslav Porokhnyak and Irina Knyazeva were appointed to the positions of the head of the department for problematic debts and the head of the bank's board respectively.

Both Knyazeva and Porokhnyak are the former members of the team of Ukrsotsbank.

Recently, it has become known that the National Bank of Ukraine will consider the issue of the dismissal of Irina Knyazeva because of the lack of an impeccable business reputation. Until September 25th, the National Bank should give an answer to the previously mentioned second inquiry of Paritetbank.

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