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 OSCE Does Not Confirm the Use of Cluster Ammunition by Ukrainian Soldiers: "If We Had Seen Something Like That, We Would Have Register it"

OSCE special monitoring mission to Ukraine speaker Mykhailo Botsyurkiv denies the use of cluster munitions by the Ukrainian military, as it was noted in the latest report of Human Rights Watch.

Censor.NET reports citing Ukrinfrom.

"We have about 90 observers in eastern Ukraine. If we had seen something like that, we would have certainly fixed it, but there has been nothing like this registered. All we have to say about the ammunition or shelling appears in our daily reports. There was no such information in our reports until today," Botsyurkiv said.

Daily reports of OSCE observers contain all cases of attacks in the Donbas. The Observers immediately go to the scene of the incident as soon as they become aware of it.

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Earlier, the Human Rights Watch claims that the employee of the International Committee of the Red Cross Laurent Du Pasker "was killed during the attack, in which the missiles with cluster warheads were used." This information has not been confirmed by the Red Cross. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, in its turn, insists that the Human Rights Watch report, in which the organization stated that there was evidence that the Ukrainian Armed Forces allegedly used cluster munitions, was staged by the terrorists to bring the Ukrainian Army into discredit.

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