We Shelled Russian Troops with What We Had, But Didn't Demolish Donetsk and Luhansk as They Demolished Grozny, - Journalist


Before voicing absurd accusations that the alleged Ukrainian soldiers were using "cluster munitions", Human Rights Watch should have documented against who they were allegedly used. And along with that, all the atrocities and crimes of the Russian army.

Yurii Butusov, editor-in-chief of Censor.NET, has written on his Facebook page.

"Regarding accusations by Human Rights Watch that the Ukrainian army used "cluster munitions ", I say this: if Human Rights Watch made an objective report, then first of all it would have to say AGAINST WHO the Ukrainian army allegedly used the "cluster munitions". Against civilians? Or against the invading 18-thousand Russian army? Against those who stabbed, cut peaceful Ukrainian patriots of Donbas into pieces, killed at rallies; against those who shelled our soldiers from its territory, who crushed the wounded with tanks, shot prisoners, cut off heads of those who did not kneel down, cut hands with trident tattoos? Against those who demolished dozens of settlements with heavy artillery - Stepanivka, Marynivka, Novosvitlivka, Petrivske, Shyrokyne; who did not hesitate to crush peaceful Ukrainian homes? Who delivered drum-fire, from which people go crazy, for hours, with all kinds of weapons, projectiles with volume-detonating warheads? When you, fat cunning fells from Human Rights Watch, write honestly against which opponent Ukrainian army fought; when you document all crimes of the Russian secret services, then come to Kyiv, do not hesitate to look people in the eyes, and I will personally show you and tell you that the accusations about "cluster munitions" are just ridiculous,"- he wrote.

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"We fired at Russian mercenaries and army with whatever we had, and put into play much scarier things than clusters - attack aircrafts, fighter-bombers, heavy MRLS, tactical missiles with half-ton warheads, heavy guns and howitzers - anything that was at hand. But none of the cities was destroyed - we did not demolish Donetsk and Lugansk as they demolished Grozny. We did not turn the Ukrainian Donbas to scorched earth, having enormous firepower and facilities, and artillery brigades. Our squadrons fired full rounds but never covered cities," Butusov said.

"I woudn't speak about clusters - I saw a lot of those from "Uragan" which were shelled at our positions, saw burned bodies of our soldiers hit by heavy artillery fire. I have no idea whether we have the same at our warehouses. But there are strong people at the front who are ready to bite Ukraine's enemies with their teeth. And this is far more terrible weapon against invaders and aggressors than any old iron from the arsenals", the journalist summarized.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n308229