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 Russia Plans to Legally Prohibit Reverse Gas Supplies to Ukraine


Russia still considers reverse gas supplies to Ukraine from the EU to be illegal and intends to block them.

Russian Energy Minister Alexander Novak announced this at the press conference in Brussels, Censor.NET reports citing Europeiska Pravda.

"We believe that the goods (natural gas) which are delivered to the consumer may not be transferred back (to Ukraine)... The contracts do not have such provisions. There is no legal basis for this," the Minister said.

As reported, the European partners of the Russian Federation believe otherwise and insist that they are entitled to take any action with the gas bought in Russia. The Russian Federation held talks with Hungary earlier, after which gas reverse deliveries to Ukraine were ceased.

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Novak informed that Russia is considering legal actions to stop the rest of the reverse flows.

"As you know, the reverse supplies of gas from Slovak Republic and Poland continue to be carried out. The Russian Federation is studying this issue from a legal point of view and we will decide what to do with it in the near future," - the Minister claimed.

At present, the reverse gas delivery from the EU is the only source of gas imports to Ukraine.

It should be reminded that Gazprom reduced gas supplies to Ukraine to zero June 16, leaving only the volumes for European consumers. In addition, Ukraine and Russia have filed lawsuits in the Stockholm arbitration: the Ukrainian one concerns setting fair price for gas, while maintaining the existing contract and the recovery of $ 6 billion as overpayments in previous periods. The claim of the Russian side is to recover the debt for consumed fuel from Ukraine.

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