"Recipe is simple: take Goebbels’ strategies, add Rotenberg’s money and you’ll get Putin’s product," – lawyer Polozov on Russian propaganda in occupied Crimea

Well-known Russian lawyer Nikolai Polozov says there are no independent media in Russian- occupied Crimea while Russian propaganda has been turned into manufacture.

Russian lawyer Nikolai Polozov voiced his view in an interview with Fakty newspaper, Censor.NET reports.

"The recipe for the Russian propaganda is simple: take Goebbels' strategies, add Rockefeller’s (Rotenberg’s) money into it, and you’ll get Putin's product. It has been turned into manufacture and is part of the imperial industry. Media is of no less importance for Putin than the Navi or the Army.

"No such thing as independent media exists in Crimea. They have been destroyed while the propaganda media outlets that support local authorities spread information approved by the federal center: everything is fine; the population is living better; Putin is great; no one persecutes Crimean Tatars - it's all lie, propaganda and fake news. Aksenov is acting there as miniaturized Putin who only reports on achievements. But there are no achievements. The expectations that were placed on the Crimean bridge (Kerch Strait bridge – Ed.) were dashed. They earlier promised the people: "Just be patient. When the bridge is open, the tourists will overwhelm the peninsula. But the tourists have never come," Polozov said.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n3082049