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 Volunteers’ presence in line of fire was not covered by law, General Staff chief says

Chief of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Viktor Muzhenko says he is ready to accept volunteers into ranks of regular army.

"In 2014, many volunteers carried out military tasks together with professional servicemen, but when a military unit receives an order, it holds the line and fulfills these tasks. As for volunteers, they, for example, can leave position in case of a threat and not be held accountable for this," the military official said in an interview with the BBC News Ukraine, Censor.NET reports.

He also added that "presence of volunteers in line of fire was not covered by law."

"There were also issues of social protection of these people. That is, what body was to make corresponding payments if a person had been killed in action? This issue is tackled by the government when it comes to the [deceased] servicemen. Moreover, many people ask why have they been granted no status of combatants," Muzhenko said.

"We are ready to accept them in the ranks of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. Then they’ll have certain insignias and government-granted social guarantees," he said.

Earlier, Commander of the Joint Forces Operation, Serhii Naiev barred the volunteer units from carrying out "incomprehensible tasks" at the forefront.

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