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 European Parliament Overcame Russian Lobby: Trade Preferences for Ukraine Will Be Adopted in Time

ес украина

The European Parliament Committee on International Trade agreed extension of trade preferences for Ukraine for 2015 at the second attempt Monday evening.

Wall Street Journal reporter in Brussels Laurence Norman announced this on Twitter, Censor.NET reports citing Ukrainska Pravda.

According to Norman, the date when the Ukrainian issue would be considered in the EP was also agreed. Trade preferences for Ukraine will be adopted Thursday, Oct. 23, which is the last day of the European Parliament's current plenary week.

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Thus the EU managed to avoid probable disruption of trade preferences regime with Ukraine.

It was reported that the European Parliament will have to confirm a tripartite agreement between Ukraine, Russia and the EU to postpone the launch of the EU-Ukraine free trade area until 2016. To do this, the EU should implement a unilateral preferential trade regime with Ukraine in 2014-2015.

This procedure must be completed before Nov. 1, otherwise the privileged conditions will be interrupted. The current EU plenary week is the last in this period. There is a steady pro-Ukrainian majority in the European Parliament session hall, so there are no doubts in successful approval of the resolution. Subsequently, the EP's decision should be formally confirmed by the Council of Europe which is expected next week.

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MEPs' previous attempt to urgently make the necessary decision was frustrated by Russia supporters in the EP - the far left and far right parties which blocked its adoption.

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