Putin Offered Poland to Occupy Parts of Ukraine, Sikorski Says

Russia wanted to involve Poland into partition of Ukraine.

Russia has attempted to involve Poland in the invasion of Ukraine, just as if it were a post-modern re-run of the historic partitions of Poland, former Foreign Minister and current Head of Polish parliament told Politico, Censor.NET reports.

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"He wanted us to become participants in this partition of Ukraine," says Sikorski. "Putin wants Poland to commit troops to Ukraine. These were the signals they sent us. … We have known how they think for years. We have known this is what they think for years. This was one of the first things that Putin said to my prime minister, Donald Tusk, [soon to be President of the European Council] when he visited Moscow. He went on to say Ukraine is an artificial country and that Lviv is a Polish city and why don't we just sort it out together. Luckily Tusk didn't answer. He knew he was being recorded."

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The Kremlin gambled it was playing with Poland's own repressed imperial fantasies: Moscow is well aware that among the country's bestselling novels is a historical fantasy of Poland that teamed up with Nazi Germany to conquer the Soviet Union. Nor had it gone amiss in Moscow that Sikorski himself has praised the novel, on more than one occasion. This is why the Kremlin sent out feelers to Warsaw with a message from the speaker of the clownish Russian speaker of parliament, Vladimir Zhirinovsky, offering Poland five provinces of Western Ukraine. The belief in Warsaw was this message was a deniable feeler from the Kremlin's innermost circles. "We made it very, very clear to them - we wanted nothing to do with this," says Sikorski.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n307942