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 Yanukovych lawyers sabotage debate in his case through non-attendance, ask Supreme Court to change jurisdiction

Defenders of Yanukovych – employees of Averlex law firm – failed to attend today's hearing of the Obolonskyi district court of Kyiv, where the judicial debate was to begin.

As reported by a correspondent for Censor.NET from a courtroom, Judge Deviatko said that the lawyers filed a petition "about the allegedly valid reason for their non-appearance" this morning. In this motion, the lawyers said they failed to appear because they were in the Supreme Court requesting to change the jurisdiction of the case.

According to the judge, this is the third appeal with a request to change the jurisdiction Yanukovych lawyers have filed to the Supreme Court while "actually disrupting the debate."

Judge Deviatko postponed the hearing for 10 a.m. tomorrow, July 31, and also offered apologies to everyone who came to the hearing. He explained that there was no other way but to respect Yanukovych's right to defense.

Еру Obolonskyi district court of Kyiv hears the case of high treason by former president of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych, who is charged with high treason, assistance in waging aggressive war, assistance in violation of Ukraine's territorial integrity that lead to human casualties or other grave consequences.

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