MP Iryna Herashchenko believes Putin’s confession about masterminding "referendum" in Crimea should be used in court

Ukrainian diplomats and lawyers must use in their future lawsuits the statement by Russian President Vladimir Putin on the fake "referendum" in Crimea being staged by Moscow.

"The most important thing that was voiced at the press conference (jointly held by President Vladimir Putin of Russia and U.S. President Donald Trump - Ed.) was full confession made by Putin, who admitted that it was the Russian Federation that organized the "referendum" in Crimea. Our lawyers and diplomats must use this confession when drafting claims for international courts," First Deputy Speaker of the Ukrainian parliament, Ukraine’s negotiator on humanitarian issues in Trilateral Contact Group to resolve the Donbas conflict, Iryna Herashchenko wrote on social media, Censor.NET reports.

She also said it was critical that Putin admitted Trump’s non-recognition of Crimea annexation.

"It is critical for us to see the unity and consensus of the Senate and the Congress, the State Department, the Pentagon, the White House, Republicans and Democrats regarding the following key issues: non-recognition of Crimea annexation, the Donbas occupation, violation of Ukraine's borders, and the responsibility of the Russian Federation for this. Trump's signature on the resolution of the NATO summit participants, which was tough on Russia, is what matters. As well as [Trump’s] meeting with President Poroshenko before Putin summit, when all other bilateral meetings were cancelled," the lawmaker said.

She believes that the next step will be revival of the U.S.-Ukraine dialogue at all levels including inter-parliamentary, inter-party, and interagency ones to remind Ukraine’s strategic partner of its commitments and security guarantees provided to Ukraine in exchange for giving up world's third nuclear arsenal.

"Most significantly, the fate of Ukraine will never be determined without Ukraine. We will never accept this," the MP added.

Following the meeting with Trump in Helsinki on July 16, Russian President Vladimir Putin told a press conference that the U.S. President considers Crimea annexation by the Russian Federation unlawful. "The position of President Trump on the Crimea is known. He sticks to it. He says that Crimea was unlawfully annexed by the Russian Federation. We believe that we held the referendum in strict conformity with the international law and the UN Charter," Putin said adding that the Russian Federation deems the matter closed.

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