"We have very clear in mind who our friends are. The US, for sure," - Mogherini rejects Trump "foe" comments

The European Union's foreign policy chief on Monday urged the United States administration to consider its relationships with long-time allies, after the U.S. president accused the EU and NATO of taking advantage of his country.

As reported by Censor.NET citing EFE news agency, Federica Mogherini's comments came after Donald Trump on Saturday called the EU "a foe", following visits to Brussels for a NATO summit and the United Kingdom, during which thousands turned out to protest in London and Edinburgh.

"If I was a journalist, I would probably ask him who he considers his friends. We have very clear in mind who our friends are. The United States, for sure", Mogherini told reporters outside the Foreign Affairs Council in Brussels.

"I have said many times, changing the administration does not change the friendship between countries and peoples, and for sure we consider the United States friends, partners, close friends," she said.

Mogherini added that the EU had "many other friends in the world" before listing Canada, South Korea, Australia, and Japan, with whom a trade agreement is due to be signed on Tuesday.

"I hope the US administration has clear ideas on who (its) friends are", she said.

"We need friends and partners, and we are cultivating our friendships, I think, in a very consistent manner," she concluded.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n3076827