Savchenko Is Subject to Torture in Mental Hospital - Lawyer

Ukrainian pilot Nadia Savchenko is tortured in Serbskii Institute.

Savchenko's defender Nikolai Polozov wrote this on Twitter just after the meeting with Ukrainian pilot, Censor.NET reports.

"I have met with Nadia Savchenko in the Institute of Serbskii. I must say straight off that the conditions for meetings with defenders are terrible and they conflict with the European Convention. Confidential communication with the defense is not provided. I spoke to her through the glass in the presence of 5 Federal Penitentiary Service officers, including a Colonel," he states.

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"Nadia told me that investigator Drymanov demanded her mother to persuade Nadia to refuse from the current lawyers' services and hire the ones loyal to investigation," Savchenko lawyer writes.

"Nadia is deprived of sleep in the Institute of Serbskii. A Federal Penitentiary Service officer is sitting in the doorway all night long and watching after her. We classify this as a torture," Polozov stressed.

"Nadia is forbidden not only to write letters, but also to draft documents for the trial. Everything that happens in the clinic is a gross violation of the European Convention," Savchenko's lawyer concluded.

Another Savchenko's lawyer Ilya Novikov wrote on Facebook that she is demanded to speak to the defenders only Russian.

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