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 Reason for Ilovaisk Tragedy - Action and Inaction of Muzhenko, Lytvyn and Heletei, Dnipro-1 Regiment Commander


Commander of Dnipro-1 special purpose regiment, representative of "People's Front" party Yurii Bereza believes that the reason for Ilovaisky entrapment lies in actions and inactions of the officials responsible for carrying out the anti-terrorist operation.

He stated this in an online chat on Glavred website on Wednesday, Oct. 15th, Censor.NET reports citing the party's press service.

"Who is to blame? Head of Sector D General Lytvyn fled from the sector, moreover, it is unclear whether he even reported to the chief of the General Staff. It is unclear whether Chief of General Staff Muzhenko knew that Lytvyn fled, respectively, it is unknown whether he reported this to the Minister of Defense. It is unknown whether Defense Minister Heletei knew what was going on in sector D, and it is subsequently unclear whether he reported to the President," the regiment commander said.

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He expressed belief that "none of these officials reported to the President that the Third World War actually began on Aug. 24, where the regular armed forces of the aggressor state entered the territory of another state and occupied part of its territory."

"At the same time [the terrorists] have set up a strong line of defense around Ilovaisk, which made it impossible to supply ammunition and other things. If this chain of officials worked as it should have, perhaps, instead of the parade on Aug. 24 the President would have to address the nation on Khreshchatyk and lead the fight against the aggressor," Bereza summed up.

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