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 357 Ukrainian Soldiers Held Captured by Terrorists, Another 330 Missing -NSDC


Official statistics does not include September data.

330 soldiers from the ATO are missing, and 357 are captive in the Donbas, Censor.NET reports citing lb.ua. This was announced by Volodymyr Poliovyi, deputy head of informational and analytical center of National Security and Defense Council.

"According to official data, 330 persons are missing, and 357 persons are held captive (among soldiers)," Poliovyi said.

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Poliovyi emphasized he was using official data regarding missing persons. "There are discrepancies here, but I wouldn't want any speculations over the subject," the representative of the informational and analytical center of NSDC said.

"The order applies that data about persons missing due to active offensive employment of the enemy in sectors B and D in late August - early September are still secret. That's why this data is not complete," he said.

Poliovyi explained that "missing persons" include soldiers who did not return from charge, and their direct commanding reported the fact. "There are soldiers on the territories captured by the Russian mercenaries or illegal armed units: the soldiers might be captives, or in hospitals, and some of them keep coming back crossing the conventional front line," Poliovyi said.

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According to data from Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, 119 people were killed in the Donbass fighting area since the truce was announced. The terrorists violated the cease-fire regime for over 1,400 times.

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