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 Moskal: Over Hundred Ukrainian Soldiers Surrounded near Bakhmutivka, Several Injured and Captured. Sutiation Being Critical

армия военные солдаты военнослужащие ато

Permanent fightings between Ukrainian troops and terrorists near Bakhmutka, Luhansk region, continued on Oct. 14.

The press service of Hennadii Moskal, the head of Luhansk Regional State Administration, said to Censor.NET.

According to Moskal, our positions were shelled by militants from the so called 32nd separate Cossack section of the Don Army under Dremov's command, who dug in a forest and are equipped with about 20 tanks and two dozens of other armoured vehicles.

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After midnight, an Ukrainian checkpoint in Zolote village was shelled. One trooper was wounded.

After 2 a.m., the militants shelled and surrounded a location near the 31st and 32nd checkpoints near Bakhmutivka. The battling began.

"As of this morning, we have no information about situation in Bakhmutivka. We know that 112 soldiers of the Ukrainian Army and the National Guard are surrounded. The number of wounded and concussed soldiers were captured prisoners, including one battalion chief. The situation is critical. There is no exact information about losses of armoured vehicles, number of killed and wounded, as it is not possible to reach the fight area because of constant shelling by heavy machinery dug in at the forest."

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Attempts of the OSCE representatives to agree with the LPR authorities over the phone to cease the fire were useless. The terrorists from the so-called Don Army do not bend to the LPR but act independently, as reported by the press service of Moskal.

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