Hetman Karmazin faces sentence for libel, - ICU's lawyer

The Prosecutor General's Office of Ukraine recorded in the register of pre-trial investigations Yuri Karmazin, Hetman of the "Cossacks of Ukraine", for knowingly producing false information about the commission of a crime (Article 383 part 2) which incurs a penalty of 2 to 5 years in prison.

This was reported by Ukrainian News citing a statement by Ukrainian lawyer Irina Odinets acting on behalf of ICU (Investment Capital Ukraine).

According to Odinets, Karmazin, the former deputy and one of the organizers of the "Third Maidan", is accused of sending law enforcement bodies contracts connecting ICU with a famous American lobbyist. The "contracts" turned out to be fake and ICU claims that their distribution by Karmazin was part of a planned campaign to discredit the company.

"It was not only the disseminating of false information that discredited the company, it was deliberate attempt to targeted ICU by sending allegations of a crime to law enforcement agencies.

"Karmazin and his colleagues Shishkin and Dombrovsky are experienced and well-known lawyers. They understand what it meant to send an application of a crime and accuse someone of involvement in serious crimes against Ukraine's national security. In addition, they reinforced the false documents with their own legal conclusion. This is an intentional fabrication of evidence and a deliberate attempt to mislead the law enforcement agencies," said Irina Odinets.

According to Odinets, not only did Yuri Karmazin’s Institute of Law and Society not contact his client to find out the authenticity of the "documents", which would have been logical before publicizing their "examinations", but the organization also refused to provide information in response to an ICU request for the so-called evidence against them.

The so-called "expertise" is a sham. It is not a legal conclusion in fact or in form. It is fiction without actual data. There are no sources of information, there is no evidence base. The so-called "documents" are just text typed on a computer. The format is even visually inconsistent with the requirements of the contractual law. The counterfeits are made in two languages, and this furthermore gives credence to the fact that they are fake: why would three non-residents need the Ukrainian version in addition to the English version of the document?", says Irina Odinets.

The lawyer notes that ICU also filed a lawsuit against Karmazin on protecting the company’s good name and reputation. "This is not the first time ICU has suffered as a subject of disinformation campaigns and we will not allow further damage to their good reputation that has taken years to build. We refute any claims made against the company. We demand that the information be disproved in the same way as it is was distributed, that is, holding a similar press conference," said Odinets.

According to ICU lawyer Alexander Shkelebey, who deals with the company's case against Yuri Karmazin, the preliminary court hearing scheduled for June 5 was postponed for two weeks because of motions filed by Karmazin and Shishkin.

In his opinion, Karmazin and his colleagues deliberately delayed the process.

"They refused to get acquainted with the case materials, and gave their excuse as a lack of time! They demanded that they be handed the documents directly at the next court session," said Shkelebey. "In fact, the position of the respondents can be assessed as a desire to delay the trial."

In January 2018, Yuri Karmazin held a press conference, showing the "documents" that allegedly testify to the relationship between ICU and Eliot Brody, an American financier, and vice chairman of the Trump Victory Committee, a fundraising committee for the Donald Trump Campaign.

Previously, ICU won a lawsuit against People's Deputy Pavel Kostenko, requiring him to refute his misleading claims about the company. Kostenko did not comply with the court's decision so the National Police opened a criminal case, however, Ukraine’s deputy immunity provision has meant Kostenko has yet to be held accountable.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n3070554