"Whole world is testing ground for Russian fake-news policy," - Ukraine's president in interview with El Pais

Russia is trying to continue its policy of fake news which includes accusations of fascism.

President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko Tuesday said in an interview with Spanish El Pais newspaper during his formal visit to Spain, Censor.NET reports.

"Simply: don’t trust Russian media. This is a very simple answer because we are one of the nations who suffered the most during WWII. We have a genetic memory against fascism. With that situation, we have turned to the European family. With that situation, Russia is just trying to continue their policy of fake news, including using accusations of fascism. This is absolutely dangerous for the whole of democracy and we should fight against the problem of fake news," Poroshenko said responding to a question of whether Ukrainian parliament actually glorifies fascism as it was claimed by the Russian state-run RT and Sputnik "news agencies" which compared the current situation in Ukraine with Nazi Germany.

Asked whether Stalin is glorified in Russia, because Margarita Simonyan, the head of RT and Sputnik, celebrated Putin's victory by calling him "vozhd" - a term that was used, among others, to address Stalin, Ukrainian president said: "Today, we speak about the Holodomor, the genocide of Ukrainian people, the famine which Stalin organized in Ukraine. As a result, eight million Ukrainians, without a war, were killed. This tyrant is absolutely equal to Hitler. Now Russia is starting to sponsor television programs, books, films, with a sponsored propagandist machine that says: "OK, Stalin is a hero of our time for the Russians." This is extremely dangerous. That’s why Russia attacks Ukraine because we hate the idea of staying in the frame of the Soviet Union or in the frame of the Russian Empire. Remember that Putin said that the biggest tragedy of the 20th century was not WWII, was not the Holocaust, was not Holodomor, it was the collapse of the Soviet Union. I imagine that the RT manager used the term "Vozd" to mean Führer."

Asked whether Ukraine has been a testing ground for the fake-news campaigns that are now being experienced in the West, he said: "I can’t say that Ukraine is the testing ground because the whole world is the testing ground for the Russian fake-news policy. It was the United States during the election campaign, it was United Kingdom during Brexit, it was Catalonia during the Catalan separatist crisis, and of course, during the illegal annexation of Crimea when President Putin said: "There are no Russians there." There were 60,000 Russian troops which penetrated into the sovereign Ukrainian territory!"

Poroshenko also recalled that the investigation into the MH17 plane crash provided firm evidence that it was Russia which attacked the Malaysian airways plane in 2014 and killed 298 innocent people despite fake reports by Russian media such as RT that "the plane was brought down from an area controlled by Kyiv."

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n3069917