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 Ukraine faces risk of default if bill on anti-corruption court not passed, - parliament’s vice-speaker

Failure to adopt the bill on anti-corruption court will entail the lack of international financial aid to Ukraine which may lead to Ukraine’s default.

As reported by a parliamentary correspondent for Censor.NET, Deputy Speaker of the Ukrainian Parliament, Oksana Syroid said on the sidelines of the Verkhovna Rada.

"While voting is underway here (in the parliament - Ed.), much of the discussion is actually being held between the president and the representatives of the international organizations. In fact, the situation is getting very critical. If the law on the anti-corruption court is not passed, or if the law is passed without guarantees of the anti-corruption court’s independence, our foreign partners will provide no international financial aid to the government. It means that the government will have about 200 billion hryvnia shortfall which is the fifth part of the Ukrainian budget. This will mean Ukraine’s default. Therefore, the PM’s stance (intent to file resignation - Ed.) under such circumstances is understandable and natural. For him, the adoption of the law on anti-corruption court providing guarantees of independence to this court is actually a matter of the government's ability to survive," Syroid said.

"The parliament may start acting after the coalition ceases to. I am also aware of manipulations, which are being plotted, that if the bill on the anti-corruption court is voted down, the president would try to shift all the responsibility onto the parliament saying that this parliament, which voted down [the creation of] the anti-corruption court, cannot fulfill its functions," she added.

Rada reportedly started considering the amendments to the bill №7440 "On the High Anti-Corruption Court" on May 23. Adoption of the law is one of the requirements of the IMF to provide Ukraine with the next disbursement.

As of 12 p.m. June 5, the lawmakers managed to consider 1,358 out of 1,927 amendments to the draft law on the high anti-corruption court.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n3069782