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 Businessman Khmelnytskyi intends to kick-start production of Chinese tractors in Bila Tserkva

Ukrainian entrepreneur Vasyl Khmelnytskyi negotiated establishment of a joint Ukrainian-Chinese tractor factory in the Bila Tserkva-based industrial park.

The businessman wrote on social media that last week, he together with his Ukrainian partners signed a contract with Chinese tractor producers for the delivery of farm machinery to Ukraine worth $4 million. They also reached preliminary agreement on creation of part of production capacity in the Bila Tserkva Industrial Park, namely, shops for semi knocked down assembly of Chinese tractors.

"The Chinese have an idea to build the Silk Road through Ukraine to deliver goods to Europe while we need a trade route too since we produce food here and deliver it to Europe and China. But if the Chinese want to produce something in our country, this is definitely good. Our people would have jobs, they would get a good salary, pay taxes - this is definitely a step that would stimulate economic growth," Khmelnytskyi said.

The investor believes the manufacture of farm machinery is a promising direction in the development of local production given that Ukraine is an agriculture-based country. Furthermore, the annual demand for tractors that are planned to be manufactured in Ukraine soon is 20,000 pieces.

According to the businessman, the production capacity is expected to cover not only Ukrainian domestic market, but also the ones of Belarus, the Baltic States, and other European states.

The investors also assessed that there is sufficient number of skilled workers in Bila Tserkva: a significant part of its residents are graduates in industrial fields with relevant work experience. 30,000 residents of Bila Tserkva commute to work in neighboring cities while they would prefer to get a well-paid job within the city limits.

The Bila Tserkva Industrial Park is a major investment project designed to develop cutting-edge industrial production in Ukraine. This is the only platform that allows entrepreneurs to get all the necessary services in almost no time and focus on the company development. The park offers industrial land plots with all the utilities for lease or purchase as well as opportunities for joint investment of industrial projects.

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