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 Defense Minister Heletei Asked Journalists About the Situation With Ilovaisk Entrapment


During the tragedy at Ilovaisk then head of the Defense Ministry Valerii Heleteii did not have a comprehensive grasp of what was happening.

According to Censor.NET, this is stated in the article on Lb.ua by Sonia Koshkina. According to her, she wrote a text message to Heletei which read:

"I know that you know everything. Mnohopillia. Nine hours of hell. A lot of wounded. Including doctors. And they URGENTLY need help. URGENTLY. My Maks (Levin, photographer and reporter of the Lb.ua) broke through in the morning, but I will not be silent if those remaining there are killed. And don't give me excuses, that you have the same everywhere. Not everywhere. And you know it. No need to reply. Just act. Sonia."(. ..)

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To my surprise, the minister answered.

"Let them send topographical landmarks, where the Russians are firing from. Via your mobile."

Frankly, that text message astonished me.

Because I couldn't get my head around it - Defense Minister asking a journalist for "topographic coordinates"? And I was not even there. And how the hell should I know these "coordinates"? Is it my job?! Or the Minister's?" Koshkina wrote.

Later Heletei also asked the journalist for the coordinates of firing points shelling the Ukrainian military.

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"This story did not end there. Two days passed. I was in Ukraine already. First fighters of the Donbas battalion - the luckiest ones - came out of the entrapment through woods and fields.

Heletei called me:

- Tell me, is your guy (Maks) out? Can I have his phone number? We would like to ask about the situation on the road.

I was speechless! What did we talk about the day before? What did I tell you? Did you fall on deaf ear? Read our correspondence, at least! Yes, he came out! And I described all topographic coordinates in detail," the journalist wrote.

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