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 Poroshenko: It Is Now Impossible to Think about the Return of Our Troops to the Home Base


Thus, the Army is focused on the preparation to the winter period.

The President addressed the nation on the implementation of the Peace plan and the enhancement of defense capacity of the state,Censor.NET reports, citing the press service of the Head of State.

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"I am optimist, but it doesn't mean that the country shouldn't be ready for the worst. It should be able to rebuff those who - God forbid - may decide to come back to the warpath and resume hostilities against Ukraine," the President said. He also explained that he devoted the majority of time in recent 7-10 days to the issues of defense capacity of the state and visited the training range in Zhytomyr region where special troops are being trained; the educational center of border guards in Kyiv region; the Ground Forces Academy of Lviv; the Air Forces University of Kharkiv, as well as the ATO area.

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Speaking about Ukrainian defense enterprises, he said that "for the first time in many years they are working under three-shift schedule to produce new and repair damaged equipment that must be returned to the defense line as soon as possible. They have fulfilled this task by 80% already. State-of-the-art samples of precision weapons, reconnaissance means and fire control systems have already been delivered to the ATO area."

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"We are also focused on the preparation to the winter period, because it is now impossible to think about the return of our troops to the home base. Fanfare that accompanies the reports of militaries on the provision of winter equipment for the troops does not prevent me from seeing and hearing the real problems. We have done a lot and we admit it, but we must do more," the Head of State stressed.

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Besides the preparations of winter, the President said that now Ukrainian troops are building three lines of fortifications along the front. "Checkpoints, antitank ditches, man-made obstacles, fire emplacements, dugouts, trenches, special places for ADMS and tanks, barbed wire etc. It should become a serious obstacle for those who may think about invading the Ukrainian territory," he said.

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