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 Muzhenko’s And Heletei’s Passivity Doomed Surrounded Ukrainian Troops to Bloody Breakthrough Near Ilovaisk – Butusov

Sector D commander Petro Lytvyn gave an interview to Dzerkalo Tyzhdnia. Lytvyn documented it with his D sector war diary, from which you can conclude that ATO commander Viktor Muzhenko and Defense Minister Valerii Heletei are fully responsible for the latest decisions, inadequate assessment of the situation and the Army losses. They should be first to blame. They controlled the situation and did nothing.

Chief editor of Censor.NET Yurii Butusov wrote about this on his Facebook page.

"They were given reliable information about the Russian offensive on August 23. ON AUGUST 23! The Ministry of Defense and the ATO commandment had at least 24 hours to respond to the threat. They had 24 HOURS before Russian tanks appeared on the Starobesheve - Kuteinykove road. But Muzhenko and Heletei didn't respond properly to the threat, they didn't save the soldiers and military equipment, and doomed Ukrainian troops to a bloody breakthrough. There were from 970 to 1100 soldiers escaping from the town of Ilovaisk. Only 647 returned alive. More than 200 soldiers were killed, not 108 as Heletei states. And there are a lot of prisoners.

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"Information about a large-scale Russian invasion near Amvrosiivka town, which resulted in the encirclement of the Ukrainian troops near Ilovaisk, was given by the State Border Guard Service on August 23, on the eve of Independence Day. We reported around 2.30 PM that Russian troops had crossed the border and were moving towards the town of Amvrosiivka. There were a lot of such reports during that day. This information was fully confirmed by the Border Service and military units.

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To the next report to the ATO headquarters about Russian troops, ATO Chief of Staff Major General Nazarov answered briefly: "Bullshit! We've already been through this. Hold the field", and hung up. In the evening, on August 23, I had a conversation with Defense Minister. The Minister listened to me for a while and handed the phone to the ATO commander Viktor Muzhenko. After listening to my report on the Russian offensive and about the situation in the D sector, he said: "If the situation changes, you will report according to the procedure". That's it!

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On the morning of August 24, сolonel Romyhailo, chief of staff of the sector D, went on the road near Amvrosiivka and Kuteinikove for personal validation and verification of information. Colonel was hiding behind the bushes when he saw a convoy of one of the tactical groups of the Russian Army moving inside the Ukrainian territory. Romyhailo immediately called chief of the General Staff and reported that he was seeing an offensive of large armored units of the Russian Army towards our positions with his own eyes. "It's only a demonstrative action", general Muzhenko answered.

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Let me remind you that the road to Ilovaisk was cut off by Russian troops on about 4.00 PM and encirclement was not completed until August 27. But during all that time our troops didn't get a permission to retreat. On the contrary, there were demanded " to hold the field". Heletei and Muzhenko didn't respond to this confirmed information, but made time to visit military parade and be awarded medals", Butusov wrote.

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