NATO: There Could Be a Serious Deterioration in the Coming Days in Eastern Ukraine


The situation is fluid in eastern Ukraine and there could be a serious deterioration in the coming days.

NATO's Deputy Secretary General Alexander Vershbow tells this in a interview to DW, Censor.NET reports.

"I think that's a serious danger right now, and I think that is what Russia is trying to do in eastern Ukraine. From our perspective at NATO, and I think this goes even beyond NATO to the EU, we are all insisting that Russia live up to every aspect of the Minsk agreement and not allow it to be implemented selectively," General Vershbow says.

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According to the NATO Deputy Secretary, "the ceasefire was supposed to freeze the conflict in place of positions since September 19. But of course the separatists with continuous Russian military support that is flowing across the uncontrolled international border have been escalating their attacks on the Donetsk airport."

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"That is unacceptable. We need to see full implementation which includes Ukrainians getting the ability to control their own international border. Russia needs to make clear to the separatists that it does not support the elections that they are purporting to hold on November 9, which would have no legitimacy and are inconsistent with the Minsk protocol. It's a very fluid situation," he says. "The ceasefire is not holding in some areas and there could be a serious deterioration in the coming days."

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