US Envoy to the OSCE: Russia Continues to Violate OSCE Principles and Commitments


The United States remains deeply concerned by the violence in eastern Ukraine that threatens the ceasefire. Despite the provisions of the Minsk Protocol and Memorandum, Russian military personnel and equipment are still in Ukraine, undercutting efforts to secure a peaceful resolution to the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

US Ambassador to the OSCE Daniel Baer said this on October, 9, in Vienna, Censor.NET reports, citing the official transcript of his speech.

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"Russia influences the separatists in many ways, including material and financial support; it needs to use that considerable influence to get the separatists to honor their commitments made in Minsk. Russia and its proxies signed in Minsk on September 5th, there is no excuse for the violations," the envoy said.

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Mr. Baer greets Ukraine's steps "it has taken to implement ceasefire commitments and pursue a peaceful resolution of the conflict in eastern Ukraine. Similarly, OSCE monitors are on the ground and trying to monitor and verify compliance with the ceasefire. Their good-faith efforts must not be thwarted by Russia. It is time for Russian authorities and the separatists they back to fulfill the commitments made in Minsk immediately and allow the OSCE monitors to do their work, including by taking all necessary steps so that the Special Monitoring Mission can monitor the ceasefire and the Ukraine side of the Russia-Ukraine border."

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Russia must withdraw all forces and equipment from Ukraine and away from its border, and end support for separatist forces. Russia must respect its neighbor's sovereignty and territorial integrity and end its occupation of Crimea.

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