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 No access inside Emergency Service HQ granted for reinstated agency chief Bochkovskyi charged with corruption

Ex-Chairman of Ukraine’s State Emergency Service Serhii Bochkovskyi, who was reinstated by the court ruling on Thursday, has come to the agency headquarters and is trying to get access to the workplace.

As reported by Censor.NET citing 112 Ukraine, the official is accompanied by his lawyer Ihor Fedorenko.

Being reinstated in the post of the State Emergency Service chairman, Bochkovskyi arrived to the agency headquarters this morning with his lawyer. However, he was granted no access to his office. His lawyer, Ihor Fedorenko, said that the security guards prevented Bochkovskyi to take up his duties. The reinstated official and his defender are waiting for positive decision inside the agency building following a statement by a representative of the State Emergency Service that Bochkovskyi shall be granted access to his workplace after the relevant government decision.

"Under current legislation, we cannot grant [Bochkovskyi] access to the workplace until the relevant procedure is completed, until the Cabinet of Ministers takes a corresponding decision," a representative of the agency personnel department said adding that "no decision on Bochkovskyi’s admission to the administrative building of the State Emergency Service has been made so far."

The attorney also told journalists that they are now drafting an appeal against Bochkovskyi’s unlawful detention.

It is noteworthy that the incumbent Chairman of the State Emergency Service Mykola Chechotkin is in travel status.

As reported, Bochkovskyi and his deputy Vasyl Stoietskyi were detained in a high-profile televised arrest at a cabinet meeting in March 2015. They were charged with embezzlement by purchasing fuel at inflated prices. Bochkovskyi was released on 1,200,000 hryvnia bail.

The judges did not drop the charges, and Bochkovskyi and Stoietskyi have been formally on trial since 2015.

Bochkovskyi was also charged with bribetaking, abuse of office, forgery and embezzling 6,600,000 hryvnia by buying metal detectors. The case against Bochkovskyi and Stoietskyi was sent to court in November 2015.

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