USA Develops a Program to Provide Ukraine with Lethal Weapons - US Department of Defense

The United States wants to see Ukraine a strong country with capable army and is ready to assist it as much as necessary.

Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs Derek Chollet said this Wednesday during his speech in Washington, Censor.NET reports citing Voice of America. He acknowledged that earlier the West did not pay much attention to the development of the Ukrainian army.

"Despite the fact that Ukraine was NATO partner for several years, despite the fact that Ukraine has cooperated with us in Iraq, Kosovo, we, the United States, unfortunately, did not have a strong relationship with Ukraine in the sphere of defense. During his visit, President Poroshenko spoke to us about the urgent needs of Ukraine. We are already helping Ukraine. We have provided equipment for the value of $116 million, this year alone, including bullet-resistant vests and night-vision devices, uniform and much more," Chollet said.

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"Yes, Poroshenko asked us about assistance with lethal weapons. We decided not to provide it at this stage. We are working on the program that may lead to the provision of lethal aid. We also put pressure on our partners urging them to help Ukraine. We do not cast Ukraine adrift. We are also working to restore the Ukrainian navy. We want to see Ukraine and its army strong," Secretary of Defense assistant Derek Chollet said.

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