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 US State Department: additional sanctions on Russia under review

U.S. has additional sanctions against Russia under consideration at the interagency level.

As reported by Censor.NET, spokesperson for the U.S. Department of State Heather Nauert told a briefing on Tuesday that additional sanctions against Russia are under review at this time.

"Additional sanctions on Russia, on Russia entities, are under review," she said.

"About 10 or 11 days ago, we announced those sanctions against Russian oligarchs. I’d like to highlight that there were two Russian oligarchs’ companies that were involved in selling equipment and material to Syria, including some components for the S-400 system. Those companies and individuals were sanctioned under the oligarch sanction. The United States has been involved; we’re actively looking at this. Sanctions are not off the table. We just don’t have anything to announce at this time," the spokesperson said.

Asked why U.S. Ambassador to UN Nikki Haley said last weekend that there would be Syria-based sanctions on Russians on Monday, and then nothing came out, Nauert said: "Sanctions are always under consideration. That is something that the administration at the interagency level has under consideration. And that is still under consideration at this time, but we have nothing that we are ready – nothing that we are set to announce at this time."

As reported, the White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders on Monday said that sanctions against Russia will be announced in the near future.

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