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 Hroisman: I'm not afraid to lose my job but exerting pressure on me is pointless

Ukraine’s Prime Minister Volodymyr Hroisman says he is ready to report on the government achievements anytime but putting pressure on him by spreading rumors on his alleged resignation makes no sense.

As reported by Censor.NET citing Interfax-Ukraine, he said on air of Freedom of Speech TV on the ICTV channel on Monday evening.

"If someone wants to use the government report that we submitted on Feb. 15 against us, then one should not hide behind the mask of some manoeuvrer but come into sight and say: I, so and so, believe that you should raise the issue of the government resignation, if someone has actually something to say. You are welcome! I am ready to respond to this as well," he said.

The PM noted that members of both the People’s Front and Petro Poroshenko Bloc factions say they do not seek the government's resignation.

"If someone does, then one must come out with a statement. I'll be ready to give an answer. And let everyone hear me: if someone believes that exerting pressure on me in such a manner makes sense, such people are way off the mark. I'm not afraid to lose my post. I can never lose my honor," the prime minister said.

Hroisman believes that the government report in the parliament is a technical issue and it was postponed because of the absence of lawmakers-members of several committees. "It does not matter, because I am ready to report at any time. I report to the Ukrainian society live every quarter, meet with experts who ask questions and give their advice. I come to the parliament every week and answer the lawmakers’ questions," he stressed.

As reported, Petro Poroshenko Bloc faction first deputy head, Ihor Kononenko, said April 14 that the government report in the parliament was scheduled for the next week.

On April 16, the Verkhovna Rada's press office said that the report on the progress and results of the implementation of the Action Plan for the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine in 2017 would be considered at a meeting of the parliamentary Committee on Economic Policy on June 20.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n3061659