Russia pulls in troops for large-scale ground war: 260,000 military personnel, 3,500 tanks, 11,000 armored vehicles at Ukraine’s border, - Turchynov

Russia continues using occupation of Crimea for building up powerful military capability on the peninsula and also amasses main attack force at the border with Ukraine getting ready to launch a large-scale ground war.

This was said by Ukraine’s National Security and Defense Council Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov as he was speaking at Kyiv Security Forum on Friday, a correpondent for Censor.NET reports.

"The occupation of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea is ongoing. A very powerful military capability has been built up there. The 22th Army Corps, units of the Black Sea Fleet, and Russian Air Force division combined make up more than 30,000-strong force. There are powerful missile systems on the peninsula and the latest redeployment of the S400 antiaircraft missile system capable of hitting airborne targets anywhere across our country proves that the Russian aggressor is preparing a powerful capability in Crimea not only to protect its presence there," NSDC chief said.

Turchynov also reminded that active combat operations are underway in Ukraine’s east because Russian terrorists and mercenaries do not observe truce despite the existing agreement.

"The Russian aggressor has two corps in the east [of Ukraine] with more than 35,000 military personnel. ... But what has fundamentally changed in the strategy of the Russian General Staff is that these two corps are now just covering up and buying time for the deployment of Russia's main attack force, which is concentrating along the Ukrainian border as we speak. In Donetsk operational direction, we are confronted by the 8th Army. The 150th Division of this Army is already deployed along our border and is ready to engage in battle at any moment.

"As for the Black Sea and the Sea of Azov operational direction, there is the 49th Army and the 58th Army of the Northern Military District of the Russian Federation on the second line. In the north, we can be confronted by the 20th Army of the Western Military District of the Russian Federation backed by the First Tank Army.

"I mean it when I say ‘Army’ - these troops are ready for large-scale offensive, for a large-scale ground war. 260,000 Russian troops, 3,500 tanks, 11,000 armored vehicles, about 4,000 artillery pieces, more than a thousand multiple rocket launchers, and more can be employed against our country right away. All these troops will be backed by the 4th and 6th Armies of the Russian Air Force. This is the reality which Ukraine lives in today," Turchynov said.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n3061083