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 'Silence Regime' Declared in ATO

Starting 6:00 p.m Tuesday a "silence regime" was declared in the area of the anti-terrorists operation.

From 18:00 on Tuesday declared a "silent mode", during which fighting and shelling in the anti-terrorist operation in the area shall be stopped.

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This is reported by Censor.NET with reference to the press service of the National Security and Defense Council.

"Today, October 7, according to the agreement, between 6:00 pm the so-called "silence regime" was declared once again, during which fighting and shelling in the ATO area shall be stopped," the statement says.

The Information Analysis Center pointed out that according to the agreement between the two parties on the establishment of a "silence regime" in the ATO area, the first regime of a full ceasefire was announced on October 5th. However, the militants had been constantly violating the agreement by firing at the ATO positions and thus causing return fire.

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"During the last two days the Joint Center Working Group between Ukraine, the OSCE, and Russia repeatedly documented violations of the ceasefire, in particular, by the terrorists. On each case of such a breach, the trilateral group compiles an appropriate protocol in which the fixed place, time and intensity fire, and the party who opened fire is recorded," noted the National Security and Defense Council.

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