Military prosecutor says some of vehicles found in Zhytomyr region lawfully acquired from Defense Ministry

At least part of the military equipment found in a raid in the Zhytomyr region was legally sold by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry’s Surplus Assets Management Agency.

This was stated by Military Prosecutor Hennadii Riabenko, Censor.NET reports citing Espreso.TV

The prosecutor however stressed that the pre-trial investigation into embezzlement of state property is still underway.

As reported, while investigating the cause of damage inflicted to the main oil pipeline in the Novohrad-Volynskyi district of the Zhytomyr region, the law enforcement officers exposed alleged corrupt practice involving misappropriation of military hardware. Police seized almost 200 vehicles ready for sale in a raid on March 27. 

"The background of 17 vehicles was checked. It was found that this equipment was sold under contracts as a surplus non-expendable property between April 2013 and June 2016 by the Surplus Assets Management Agency through state-run companies authorized to sell such hardware. About 30 percent of the equipment - 72 units - was sold by the Surplus Assets Management Agency to private firms through state-owned Ukrinmash Corporation. The investigators are trying to obtain original papers that could confirm the origin of this hardware," Riabenko said.

The military prosecutor said a total of 196 pieces of equipment were found. All of them were demilitarized but some vehicles had their factory serial numbers destroyed.

"The investigation has just begun, but it has already been found that this equipment was demilitarized. A total of 196 vehicles were found including 93 trucks; trailers, box trucks, and tank trucks combined – 98 units; four armored personnel carriers and an armored reconnaissance vehicle. All of this equipment was demilitarized. It has no weapons installed and neither have we so far got confirmation that this equipment is designed for military use. Certain documents were also ceased: contracts, powers of attorney, which prove that this equipment was acquired by a private person over a period of at least 6-8 years. Several more vehicles were found on the territory of the same storage facility. It can be both acquired from the Defense Ministry or private firms. We have so far been unable to establish its origin since it has its serial numbers destroyed. But we will solve this problem by means of appropriate expert examinations," the prosecutor said.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n3058110