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 Kidnapping and Murder of Crimean Tatars Is Implementation of Chechen Scenario - Majlis

Kidnapping and murder of Crimean Tatars is an attempt to destroy the unity of Crimean Tatars. In addition, this is an implementation of the Chechen and Dagestan scenarios in order to compel the Crimean Tatars to leave Crimea.

Head of Mejlis Foreign Relations Ali Khamzin stated this, Censor.NET reports citing Krym.Realii.

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"A blatant, open, in the middle of the day kidnapping of people rises a question of the possible use of old technology against the Crimean Tatars, when certain pressure is put through abductions like it was in the Caucasus, in Chechnya? Unfortunately, I think that the Russian Federation is looking at us from the position of the Chechen events after joining Crimea. They often kidnap young men there which were found dead soon after. And no one is responsible for anything. Perhaps they put pressure at Crimean Tatars, waiting for their response," Ali Khamzin said.

According to him it is also possible that kidnappings of Crimean Tatars are aimed to "blow up the situation in Crimea, to use force further."

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