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 Ukrainian patriots to be awarded People's Hero of Ukraine title in Dnipro City March 31. LIST

The ceremony of awarding a non-governmental title of the People's Hero of Ukraine will be held at the Dnipro City-based building of the Dnipropetrovsk Region Council at 3 p.m. March 31.

As reported by Censor.NET, a statement of the People's Hero of Ukraine project on Facebook says that two weeks ago they announced the names of those who, by the decision of the Award Council, were nominated for awarding them with the Order of the People's Hero of Ukraine. After this, the candidatures have openly been discussed by the public.

"Besides, the People's Hero awardees were interviewed about one of the awards granted to activists after the meeting of the members of the Award Council. This was a clear manifestation of democracy and desire to make the activities of our Mission fair. Therefore, the final decision on who will be awarded in Dnipro was supported by 184 People's Hero of Ukraine awardees.

"We also must inform the general public that the details on re-election of members of the Award Council, which has been operating for two years now, will be announced in the near future. This decision was made by the Council members themselves with the view to increase the efficiency of the future work of the People's Hero of Ukraine project. It will be the People's Hero of Ukraine awardees who will nominate the Council members. This is imminent," the statement reads.

The project’s press service also released the list of those who will be awarded with the non-governmental title in Dnipro on March 31:

Serhii Fedosenko, a serviceman of 25th battalion of Ukraine’s Armed Forces;

Oleh Kopychynskyi a serviceman of 30th brigade of Ukraine’s Armed Forces;

Oleksandr Kolodiazhnyi, a serviceman of 74th separate reconnaissance battalion;

Volodymyr Vasianovych, a serviceman of 5th battalion of Ukrainian Volunteer Army (Ukrainian Volunteer Corps Right Sector);

Yurii Brekharia, a serviceman of 40th separate infantry battalion Kryvbas;

Oleksandr Borysov, commander of 40th separate motorized infantry battalion of the 17th tank brigade;

Ivan Shostak, a serviceman of the 80th separate assault airborne brigade;

Viktor Sikoza, a serviceman of 36th marine brigade;

Oleksandr Tereshchenko, a serviceman of 79th assault airborne brigade;

Oleksii Chaban, a serviceman of 17th tank brigade;

Roman Zhovanyk, a serviceman of 128th brigade;

Valerii Sarbash, friend Delfin, a serviceman of 5th Battalion of Ukrainian Volunteer Army(Right Sector);

Activist and volunteer Tengiz

Ivan Kalashnikov, a serviceman of 2nd battalion of 95th brigade;

Oleksandr Vohrameiev (posthumously), a serviceman of 93rd brigade;

Maksym Ridzanych (posthumously), a serviceman of 90th separate assault airborne brigade named after Hero of Ukraine Senior Lieutenant Ivan Zubkov, who was a member of 81st separate assault airborne brigade;

Andrii Hurichev (posthumously), a serviceman of 57th brigade;

Activists, volunteers of non-governmental organizations:

Tetiana Huba

Members of Skhid ta Zakhid Yedyni NGO (East and West are one – Ed.): NGO head Volodymyr Kanyshchev, Volodymyr Avdieiev, Eduard Khatmullin - active members of the Donetsk region-based NGO branch.

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