Start of fire in Kemerovo shopping center. CCTV footage

The beginning of fire at Zimnyaya Vishnya shopping center in the Russian city of Kemerovo on March 25 that claimed 64 lives was captured by surveillance camera.

As reported by Censor.NET the footage shows the smoke almost instantly fills the space in front of the camera.


The fire at Zimnyaya Vishnya shopping center in Kemerovo reportedly broke out on Sunday, March 25. The smoke detectors, however, did not trigger the fire alarm system. The law enforcement authorities initiated criminal case into negligence that led to multiple casualties, violation of fire safety regulations, and provision of services that do not meet safety requirements. Four suspects in the case have already been detained.

In terms of the number of victims, the fire in the Kemerovo shopping center is among the four deadliest ones that took place in Russia in the past century including the fire in the Samara police precinct in 1999, which claimed 57 lives, the one in Stanitsa Kamyshevskaya in the Krasnodar Territory in 2007, with 63 people killed, and the fire in the Perm-based Lame Horse night club that killed 153 persons in 2009.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n3057791