“My brother does live in Crimea, I cannot bear responsibility for his actions,” – Joint Forces Commander Naiev

Freshly appointed Commander of the Joint Operation Headquarters, Serhii Naiev, assures that his relatives living in Russian-occupied Crimea will in any way affect his loyalty to the oath he swore to Ukraine’s people and fulfillment of the tasks assigned to him.

The Joint Forces commander said an interview with UkrinformCensor.NET reports.

"I was born in the Vinnytsia region’s town of Mohyliv-Podilskyi in 1970. My father was a serviceman. He was discharged from the military service in Crimea. Subsequently, he settled in Crimea alongside his family and my younger brother where they all have been living since 1995. Before the war, in 2012, back in the days of peace in Ukraine, my parents offered to give their apartment in will to me and my brother. My father died in October 2013. My brother and I made a joint decision on a will according to which he made a commitment to eventually reimburse me the cost of my half of the apartment. I signed no formal agreements with him as it was a family business after all. In 2016 and 2017 he transferred me two amounts equal to $5,000 each. That is, this money is actually not a gift. Being a law-abiding citizen, I included these funds into my e-declaration," the top commander said.

"I make occasional calls to Crimea, for example to offer holiday greetings and these calls are an open secret for everyone. As for my brother's actions in the occupied territory, he is a grown man and I cannot bear responsibility for his actions. I consider him a citizen of Ukraine like millions of people who stayed in the temporarily occupied Crimea. I am convinced that over time, thanks to the joint efforts of our people, Crimea will return and it will be Ukrainian again," Naiev said.

"I took the oath of allegiance to the Ukrainian people, and there is no leverage against me. I shall fulfill the tasks assigned to me by the people of Ukraine, the Supreme Commander-in-Chief. My family members living in Crimea are no leverage and they in any way incapacitate me," he stressed.

In turn journalist Levko Stak wrote on social media: "So, the Joint Forces Commander Serhii Naiev did confirm that Maksym Naiev - an employee of Crimea’s Post Office, and former employee of the so-called "Pension Fund of the Russian Federation in the Republic of Crimea" is actually his sibling. This is important information because some people tried to convince me that I was wrong [Serhii] Naiev has nothing to do with Crimea. They even promised to provide some evidence. The lieutenant-general also explained the origin of the money that his brother from Crimea transferred him and which he later included into his income and assets statement.

"Naiev assures that his blood brother, who is living in the occupied territory, will have no impact on the actions he will make at the post of the Joint Forces commander. As far as many people have almost charged me with treason after my previous post, I will explain them once again: the information about his brother in Crimea, especially when he works for the occupation authorities, especially if he transfers money to the Ukrainian general who will run the [military] operation in the Donbas, has great significance for the public. That’s why I have published it. No matter whether you like it or not, it should be available to everyone. Calling it private information is a huge mistake. After all, this fact from the record of this serviceman can somehow influence the decisions made by the Joint Forces commander. Let me remind you that effective public control over the activities of a military agency is one of the key requirements of the so-called "NATO standards" which the Ukrainian army is now trying to comply with. Therefore, I will continue keeping my eye on the actions of Mr. Naiev."

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n3056699