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 "Another Kremlin's attempt to legitimize aggression, annexation completely doomed to fail," - Ukraine's Poroshenko on Russian vote in Crimea

Holding of the so-called presidential elections in the temporarily occupied Crimea by the Russian occupying administration is another brutal violation of international law by Russia. This is not surprising for a country that systematically and consciously opposes itself to the outside world.

"The so-called elections in Crimea are yet another evidence of the Kremlin's neglect of the fundamental documents and principles on which international peace and security have been based over the past 70 years, in particular the UN Charter and the Helsinki Final Act," Censor.NET reports quoting President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko as saying.

"The results of illegal voting are null and void and will not have any legal consequences. Legitimate presidential election in Crimea may only be the election of the president of Ukraine," Poroshenko expressed his outrage in his statement on the holding of the so-called election in Crimea temporarily occupied by the Russian Federation.

"Another attempt by the Kremlin to legitimize aggression and annexation is completely doomed to failure.

"And I am grateful to our international partners for the clear and uncompromising position voiced on the eve of the unlawful elections that their results will not be recognized and that Crimea is an integral part of Ukraine.

"I also praise the decision of the OSCE and our other international partners not to take part in the monitoring of illegal elections in the occupied Crimea. And I expect that the final report of the international mission will clearly indicate the illegality of the Russian elections in the territory of the Ukrainian Crimea.

"I am grateful to the Crimeans who did not participate in this farce, despite serious pressure they were subjected to. They were threatened, forced, lured to the so-called polling stations with gifts. But their silent protest eloquently testified - Crimea is Ukraine!

"Neither the fixed "voting turnout" nor the made up "result" correspond to the real activity of the inhabitants of the peninsula. Published official "data" is nothing more than falsification. And speaking with the famous Russian idiom, this is a worthless piece of paper. Kremlin will now use it in the hybrid information warfare that it conducts not only against Ukraine but also against the whole world.

"The Ukrainian Crimea in the chains of Russian occupation has turned into a peninsula of non-freedom and a military base.

"We will intensify our efforts, including in the framework of international organizations and judicial authorities, in order to put an end to the gross violation of the human rights by the occupying authorities in Crimea. Ukraine will continue to fight for the release of all Ukrainian political prisoners who are behind bars on the peninsula and in Russia.

"We have to make a list of those who planned, promoted, organized, campaigned or participated in the prudent electoral process in Crimea and present it to strengthen sanctions against the occupying Russian authorities.

"The legitimacy of the presidential elections in Russia and the allegedly elected candidate is questioned not only by the unlawful conduct of voting in the temporarily occupied Crimea. It was, in general, a political farce that has nothing to do with elections in the democratic sense of this process. It was a choice without choice, without real political competition, without freedom of speech, without equal opportunities.

"And we call on international partners to increase the sanctions pressure on the Kremlin. And not only for the aggression against Ukraine, but also for the hybrid war against the whole European and Euro-Atlantic community, for political assassinations abroad and for suppressing of democracy in Russia itself.

"By joint efforts, our unity and international solidarity, we will ensure the de-occupation of Crimea, the restoration of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and respect for international law!" the president said.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n3056360