Ukraine’s FM Klimkin: Whole world except for Russia ready for peacekeeping mission in Donbas

More than 15,000-strong peacekeeping force needed to be deployed in the Russian-occupied Donbas.

Ukrainian Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin said in an interview with BBC-UkraineCensor.NET reports.

"We make efforts for the actual [peacekeeping] mission to be deployed as soon as possible. In theory, the whole world is ready for this, all are ready to join the mission. Russia is the only country that is not ready. It is now intentionally operating for a rise. This issue can only be pursued with the help of our allies and friends," he said.

"We need a sufficient number of (peacekeepers- Ed.). This means that peacekeepers should actually control the entire territory of the occupied Donbas. Based on preliminary estimates, I think it should be more than a 15,000-strong force. We shall agree upon the exact number together with the UN and partners that will take part in the mission. But it cannot be just 2,000- or 4,000-strong. First there should be peacekeepers who will control weapons withdrawal and everything that will happen there during this process.

"But the next question is who will perform police duties. This means that we need a military component, we need a police component, as well as a civilians, who will gradually assume governance over the territory. Therefore, 500 police officers will be certainly not enough for the occupied Donbas. The mission’s composition should be defined by the UN. But it should definitely not include Russia. We will find worthy peacekeepers. We have already held talks with every possible country not limited by Europe. With the Japanese, for example. They are well-known peacekeepers in various parts of the world. They are very reliable. I asked the Japanese Foreign Minister, and he said that they would examine such a possibility. But first we need to understand what sort of mission this should be," Klimkin said, noting that he was "very skeptical" about any country of the CIS taking part in the mission.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n3055957