Russia Threatens Peace No Less than Islamists - US Department of State

Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland urged the international community not to diminish the threat of Russian intervention in Ukraine on the background of the global fight against extremism and terrorism on the part of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL).

She stated this on Thursday, speaking at USA and Central Europe Strategic Forum in Washington, Censor.NET reports citing Ukrinfrom.

"The threat of ISIL for the Central Europe is just as great as the threat from Russia," the representative of the US Department of State said.

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She called on the international community to "work hard to make the Central European space impossible for penetration by the ideas of terrorism and extremism."

Discussing possible solutions to the conflict in the east of Ukraine, Nuland expressed the belief that there is no military solution of the problem. "We believe that the pressure that the United States and the European Union have put on Russia with the help of the sanctions, deeply affect the Russian economy," she said.

The Assistant Secretary of State stressed the importance of implementing the Minsk Agreement, which, according to her, Ukraine respects more than Russia. When the agreement will be fully implemented, we will minimize some sanctions against the Russian Federation, Nuland said, adding that "It depends on Moscow whether to accelerate or postpone this time."

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