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 Naftohaz urges Ukrainians to reduce gas consumption as much as possible over next 3-4 days

Naftohaz Ukrainy NJSC calls on Ukrainians to reduce gas consumption as much as possible in the next 3-4 days.

As reported by Censor.NET, Naftohaz said the crisis was caused due to Gazprom's sudden refusal to supply gas to Ukraine and considerable decrease in upstream pressure of the Ukrainian gas transportation system delivering Russian gas to Europe.

"Good morning, dear friends! As you know, Europe and Gazprom are now playing zero sum game. Our northern neighbor engineers crisis. EU is watching closely as we cope with it. And now we need your help. Gazprom told us 15 minutes before expected start of gas supplies that it had changed its mind. It also dropped the pipeline upstream pressure by 20 percent and brought gas sales to its other customers down to a minimum. The ultimate goal of these actions is to fulfill a dream of making Ukraine freeze to death or portray Ukraine as an unreliable transporter that steals gas. That would be very appropriate two weeks before the election of you-know-who. Even rattling nuclear sabers does not make Russians come and vote for Mr. self-perpetuating. Thus he desperately needs any kind of swift victory. Let's be bad guys and spoil this person's party. We need to hold out just 3-4 days until the cold season passes," Naftohaz said.

"Those who have gas-fired combustion appliances should reduce the room temperature by 1 degree in the daytime and by 2 degrees at night. This will drop gas consumption by 8-9 percent which will foil Russia’s blackmailing. We are also reaching out to local authorities in order for them to make utility providers do the same thing in the multi-apartment houses with central heating in the next few days. We have plenty of gas in our underground storage facilities. Our storage facilities are highly capable but even they have technical limitations in terms of gas volume that can be pumped away within a 24-hour period. These facilities now provide maximum output, gas producers supply gas into the system in usual mode, we cover the rest of the demand with gas imported from Europe which also suffers from an unusual cold spell. The contribution of each Ukrainian in reduction of gas consumption would be very helpful today. This day is the most crucial," the statement reads.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n3053456