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 Person Who Reported Graves near Donetsk to Russian Media Has No Relation to OSCE

The OSCE special monitoring mission states that Ejnars Graudins, whom the Russian media referred to reporting of the mass graves found near Donetsk which were allegedly the work of the ATO forces, has no relation to the organization.

Censor.NET informs citing the OSCE Mission official page in Twitter. "We can confirm that a man named Eyvars (or Ejnars) Graudins has no relation to the OSCE or the SMM in Ukraine," the organization says. The OSCE claimed September 24 that the DPR militants informed organization observers that they found three unmarked graves, which are suspected to contain several bodies.

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According to the information, two burials are in the Kommunar coal mine near the village of Nyzhnia Krynka and another one is in the village itself. Later, Adviser to the Minister of Internal Affairs Anton Herashchenko called Russian television channels' propaganda about the involvement of the Ukrainian military to the mass graves of the Donetsk region residents a fake.

Earlier Censor.NET reported that the OSCE monitors only Ukrainian positions in the Donbas. The terrorists do not allow the observers to the territory they control.

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