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 "This Is a Political Show" – Minister of Defense Heletei Kicks Up a Fuss at Ilovaisk Committee Hearing

Defense Minister Valerii Heletei insists on dealing with issues related to the Ilovaisk tragedy behind closed doors.

At a meeting of the temporary investigative commission of the Parliament on the events in Ilovaisk Ukrainian Defense Minister Valerii Heletei was summoned as a witness and refused to answer the questions of its chairman MP Andrii Senchenko, citing the fact that the materials are classified, Censor.NET reports citing Ukrinfrom.

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The meeting of the commission was also attended by Army Chief of the General Staff Viktor Muzhenko, as well as the commanders of volunteer battalions, in particular the Donbas, Dnipro-1, Myrotvorets.

"Do not turn this into a press conference. There are intelligence and secret materials that I cannot divulge to reporters. Everything that's going on here is a political show," he said, referring to the journalists.

In turn, chairman Senchenko noted that the committee members had not yet asked the Minister of Defense any questions, and subsequently asked him, "not to put on a show, because the public demands answers to a lot of questions."

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However, Senchenko stated that while studying the materials of the case he found that many of the files are classified. In particular, the list of the dead and the list of the awardees at Ilovaisk are classified as "for official use only".

"Because of this, yesterday I was forced to appeal to the head of the Security Service of Ukraine to carry out an inspection at the Ministry of Defense and the General Staff regarding the legality of the classification of the documents," the MP said.

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